DeSmuMe 0.9.8

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A fantastic emulator for Nintendo DS.

DeSmuMe is a free emulator for the Nintendo DS. It is in French but with other users` translations to other languages. It doesn`t really matter as it`s easy to follow, and the interface is similar to other emulators. DeSmuMe accepts all types of ROMs, allowing you to enjoy all the best games of Nintendo on your PC: New Super Mario Bros, Brain Training, Mario Kart, Nintendogs, Star Wars Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith, Bomberman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3, Big Brain Academy, and a large etc. You can find a complete list of compatible games on the DeSmuMe webpage.

As with all these programs, you have to get the ROMs (games) separately on the Net, to load them later onto the program and then play. DeSmuMe has been developed in C++ language and supports functions like wireless console connection. When playing, the controls are the following (Keyboard - console button). Z - A, X - B, A - Y, S - X, Q - L, W - R, Enter - Star, Space - Select, and the mouse for the touch-screen


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